Specialized in developing bespoke Web Marketing Solutions.

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"Great Is Not Good Enough"

Cloud Personalized Software
  • Our Expertise

    Our Team is pleased to help you and provide a solution to optimize your "Web Marketing" daily processes. We always deliver premium Software Solutions to boost your efficiency and master your data.

  • Our Experiences

    Our Experience with AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads has given our Team the Expertise needed to help any client. Our qualified Team is kept up-to-date thanks to multiple certifications.

  • Our Solutions

    Bid Right is our flagship Solution. Bid Right has been designed for Affiliates to save their time. Thanks to Bid Right you can quickly grow your Efficiency and Productivity.

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Who We Are

Personalized Software Ltd relies on our experienced Team, we love to collaborate with great people to build great products. We are specialized in Perfomance Marketing solutions, we also have our own Affiliate Solutions Incubator.

What We Believe

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) and focus on user needs first.
Agile software development.
Great is not good enough.
Release early, release often.
Self-organizing teams.

What We Do

We know your time is valuable hence we are always seeking for new technologies to develop our solution, a solution that will help to save your time and grow your Business.

  • Screen App Bid Right
  • Screen App Bid Right
  • Screen App Bid Right

Our Solution: Bid Right - Affiliates Solution

Our solution helps Affiliates to get a better vision of their Business and get rid of manual processes. Our Advertising solution also allows to control their Pay Per Click campaigns like AdWords or Bing Ads with precision.

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Under The Hood

APIOver 35 APIs connected and daily synchronized.

TransactionsOver 2 millions managed Transactions.

KeywordsOver 1 million managed Keywords.

AffiliatesOver 5000 Affiliate Programs.

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Drinan Entreprise Centre, Swords Co.Dublin, Ireland